Processes & Requirements for: LESSOR

With our available listings, we will serve all of the lessors to be as well. All of the lessor should follow and remember the following grounds or rules in leasing of one of our listings:

  • The lessor should be open of how many months or the duration of lease he/she wants.
  • The lessor should abide on the contract made,stating that the lease duration is only 6 months to 1 year, and renewable after a year, if the lessor would prefer to extend their lease.
  • The lessor should sign the contract will full understanding and responsibility of the property to be leased.
  • The lessor should be the one to pay for the monthly dues starting on the first month of their stay.
  • The lessor should be liable of whatever damage/s be done on the leased property, if it will be done during their stay or contract period.
  • The lessor should pay the two (2) months advance and one (1) month deposit fees to the lessee, with our presence; and will be done in our office after signing the contract.
  • The office will no longer be liable or connected with the dealings between the lessee and the lessor after the first payment.

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