Processes & Requirements for: SELLER

Our office will cater not only for those built properties, but also those who are planning to sell and accredit their properties to our office and website. We are open for you to have the ambition to look for the possible, trustworthy, and interested clients and seller. For the requirements of those who are planning to sell their property/es, please check the below list of those, which you have to comply and to give us:

These are the things which the Sellers have to comply in listing or accrediting their property to our site and our office:

  • Property’s Specs ( with the complete amenities of the property/es and photos on each, if available)
  • Original Copy and photo copy for the property title ( ROD copy)
  • The seller will be the one to schedule for the site tour of the property/es, for the office to check and take more photos/ necessary views or information needed.
  • Sign the agreement or the Contract to Lease/ Sale paper
  • The office/ Realty will get the 5% of the total price of the property/es to be sold, which will be divided with the website.
  • The seller will not have to pay the posting or advertisement of their property/es to be sold, but will surely pay the 5% for the office/ realty and the website itself.
  • The 5% payment will be given to the office on the first payment buy the buyer of the property/es.
  • No PDC or installment basis for this, since the office and the website is not asking for any payment of posting or advertising the to be sold property/es.
  • The seller will do the dealing or sign the papers in the office PERSONALLY.
  • Only the seller, whose name appears on the Land or property/es title will have the authority to do the selling or will be given consideration on this dealings with our realty and the office. ( If your name is not seen on the title, we will not consider your request).

Contact us and extend to us your concern regarding this offer!