A Booming Cagayan de Oro

CAGAYAN de Oro is expected to boom again with the win of Vice Mayor Vicente Emano as mayor. As everybody in the locality knows, Emano was instrumental in the pouring of various businesses here since 1998.

The new City Hall enclosure looks like a college building and it is exactly meant to be that by the contractor, UKC Builders. After all, Emano has planned that enclosure to be converted into a city college while the City Hall bureaucracy transfers to the city landfill in Carmen.

And many more infrastructure projects are in the offing. There is already talk of a bridge that would connect Macasandig to Balulang. That would be great to ease traffic all the more. And then the development of Agora market and terminal for eastbound public transport is in full swing. This is being undertaken by Mega Farms, the same company which oversees the Ororama chain of stores.

Speaking of Ororama, the private sector in the city is equally bustling. Ororama alone is expected to repair Megacenter, which was damaged by fire earlier. The concepts being presented at their Ororama are kinda innovative such as organizing a fashion show to attract their ongoing lingerie promo. Jeez, that is really cool.

Alegria Hills

Of course, the whole Oro Chamber is behind the new Emano administration. Expect another nine years in the city to cherish in full bloom. Subdivisions that have sprouted up such as Alegria Hills are admittedly hard to sell because of the narrow roads leading to it but there are other subdivisions which are in the offing such as Fil Estate for instance.

The food here in the city has never been so diverse with the introduction of various restaurants. There’s Bourbon for that Cajun cuisine, there’s La Vetta for Italian palates, there’s Rio for Brazilian food. Ah there are lots more.


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