HomeChoice Planners’ Mass Wedding Ceremony

Mass WeddingSaturday, August 28, 2010, the most awaited event in the city of Cagayan de Oro has come true- The San Agustin Festival. As the whole city is clamoring with the happenings and prepared events of our local government, the HomeChoice Planners and Construction Corporation had held and sponsored a mass wedding of few of their construction workers. It was participated by the Assembly of God individuals.

The wedding was supported by few of the church members, and the RPM Realty agents. The ceremony had started at 8:30 in the same day and done at 11:00 A.M. The receptions were conducted in the construction site and in the office, where numbers of people had enjoyed the prepared blessings by the Masangcay.There were five couples who were pledged to be united morally and lawfully. The said mass wedding was successfully done with the reason of putting together the will of God and the human nature law  through ceremony. The newly wed were given the opportunity to receive the blessing from God. Through this, they, the Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, once again shared its boons to its fellowmen.

Cris and Nice WeddingA lot of faces had smiled and lots of hearts were given contentment and happiness of the successfully done event. In behalf of the bonded couples and the families who were once again got together in the name of God, “Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Robinson Masangcay for being the detour of this opportunity!”

As one of the witnesses of the said event, I would say that the mass wedding was really assuring and graceful. It was palpable and each of us, though we were only one of the participants, will surely treasure the said event with the message of God, that marriage is not a joke  and it is a big and sacred commitment with the loved one and with the Lord.

Also, we, from CDO and RPM Realty, would like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Crisanto Peniscula who just got wed on the same day. May pour Lord God bless and give you more boons from above. Once again, CONGRATULATION for all the newly wed!


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