Cagayan de Oro City Charter Day Republic Act No. 7670

If I were to be asked, “What is the greatest laughter in your life?” I would say, “It is when I was recognized as a mother and to be one of the right group-that is having the faith and guidance of God.”

All of us would feel the same happiness once we are being part or recognize of something we want or desire for. Just like of what our city this time. At first from a very simple yet livable condition and now is on its great name and fame.

Looking back with its history, our city received its recognition to be a CITY by making this Republic Act No. 7670. This acts declared that June 15 as a special non-working holiday public holiday in Cagayan de Oro City; also known as Cagayan de Oro Charter Day. To have full information of this Republic Act No. 7670: I have here the excerpt from Chan Robles Virtual Law Library.

Section 1: Cagayan de Oro was created as a city on June 15, 1950 by virtue of Republic Act No. 521.

Section 2: June Fifteen of every year is hereby declared a special non-working public holiday in Cagayan de Oro to be known as Cagayan de Oro City Charter Day.

Section 3: This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

This is an evident that our city was not made by just a spit of a tongue by any one in the area. But it is legally made, and pursued by our legislators and city officials. And it makes us proud ever since when it was declared. It is our honor to have our very own City of Golden Friendship.  It is not only us here who are treasuring the beauty and abundance of our area; there are lots also of inhabitants who are coming from our nearby cities, provinces and even countries. As they usually say, “Cagayan de Oro is really portraying the friendship acts to each visitor. Even Cagay-anons are that friendly and hospital!” And this will be our pride to all of them. This is the city that we can boast to every stranger we would meet.

In response to this, our city officials and government employees mainly in Cagayan de Oro City Hall, Capitol, and those other offices, once again gathered in Gaston Park area yesterday and early this morning.  Also just this afternoon at SM Mall they held a program featuring Ceasar Montano as their guest; who was also promoting his album. The other event which was held this morning was the JOB FAIR, which was held beside City Hall area, fronting Katryns bakeshop. That was rushed by lots of applicants in different fields of courses and people in different skills and qualifications.  This was to in act the thanks giving of our CDO for being a booming city here in Mindanao. It was participated by different establishments as well, as their chance to widen their market and reach those people who would surely be participating on the said event.

In behalf of numbers of inhabitants now in the City of Cagayan de Oro, we, in CDO Realty people and staffs, would like to thanks those local or city officials who made our CDO to be not only a city but a KNOWN CITY in the country! And for the present Major and city officials now in CDO, thank you for the effort and perseverance just to make this celebration be done, just today WELL.


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