Cagayan de Oro City’s Celebration for Progress!

Cagayan de Oro CelebrationJust like the other cities in the island, our city of friendship is that booming with its development and with its educational enhancements along with those activities that inline with the city’s progress in contribution with the quarterly and annual celebration of the city’s boons. This is the greatest achievement of the city to make its territory that boosting and that leading with its enhancements now a days.

As part of their prepared activities or schedules events is the show down of drum and bugle or bands in every leading group of schools in the city. As part of this event just last October 02, 2011, in the morning, the Cagayan Provincial Capitol office and staffs conducted the competition and the same time the presentation of every selected schools to show their skills in this field.

Along with the celebration of the 18 Cooperative Month Celebration of the city, the City High School with their yellow-action moves, MOGHS in blue wear moves, City Central elementary and for the first time, the Lourdes High School Drum and bugle, participated for the said cooperative celebration. They were on the said scene to make the event more colorful and that meaningful, with the skills and the talents they have for the city to be proud of.

CDO CelebrationIn fairness with the students and the pupils who participated the said event, they did very well! They made the celebration that magnificent with the choreographers and the dance moves they ever practiced with along with their trainers in schools. Also, this is not the only considered success of this event. Even these students and pupils were really marked with the history of the City of Golden Friendship‘s success in the way they know!

What made me destructed with this event is the drum and bugle of Lourdes College High School Department. They are the pioneering group who made it to the event to participate and be selected by the city government to present, along with those veterans group of schools in the city who made the city to be proud of. With their pink Barbie-like costume, plus their dancers and lead, who are having the very towering heights, which made them very attractive. Though it is their first time to join the event in the history, they showed the real beau of the Lourdes girls who, too, could show the best that the crowd is longing for! They shun, yes they did!

This is in line with the Consolacion Fiesta as well. The said Barangay celebrated their ever celebrated their annual events. And as part of our thanks giving as well, we celebrated this event with our general manager’s family! This is as well to show camaraderie and good rapport between employer-employees relationship.

We would like to thanks the Holy High of making these events safely and that successfully, with full of cheers and laughter!


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