Uptown now with the done fly over?

In every structural development, there is always a corresponding changes follows. Just like now, we have these newly done fly-over, which will make our transactions be done easier and we will have less time transporting from the city proper up to the uptown areas in Pueblo, where the township is. As of now, there are also people who would more likely prefer to live here in the uptown area with this accessibility.

For the information of everybody, the uptown area is very ideal area to live in and to invest. It is because of its great township covering it and the vital centers it has now that is visibly boosting on the area. This will become a mini-Makati to be. For now, it is now having this on going condominiums in the area which are progressively moving on with each construction. To name them, there are the Gran Via 1, which is all sold out, plus the soon to rise Grand Via II; the Uptown Condotel, which is beside the Xavier Estates, and the Primavera Residences, having the 60% of the total units sold.

Along with the condominiums are the known and standard schools that are known of its excellent ways and school curriculum to the learners, the Xavier High School & Grade School Dept., the Corpus Christy Grade School, Rosevale School, Xavier University for Agriculture and the soon to be operational and now on its construction the CIT college of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

What would these vital centers contribute to the most known developed uptown area? It is the benefits which these institutions and establishments could give and cater to our uptown inhabitants. These are just walking distance or those are just minutes away from every subdivision in the entire township. Thus, the Pueblo de Oro will automatically higher its price in real estates investment and inventories they have. That is already being planned, since when that fly-over were still on construction.

But still there are still chances to own a house and lot here in the uptown areas on base on your targeted budget. This is because, all of the available real estates inventories here are in flexible income and payment schemes as given by the developers. Even us in the construction firm, we are offering that flexibility to all of our clients.

This will serve as the announcement or reminder to all of our clients out there as well as to those abroad clients to contact us and avail one of our posted units for your convenience would be in the future and for investments as well!

Welcome to the new enhanced uptown areas and contact us now!


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