Primavera Residences’ Sales Rally

Primavera-Sales-RallyLive the green healthy lifestyle. This was the slogan of the Sales Rally yesterday, March 6, 2012. Its aim is to further advertise Primavera Residences as it is near to its completion. They also wanted to promote the healthy green living. To those who’s not aware yet, Primavera Residences is the first eco-friendly building here in our city. The sales rally was conducted for us to learn more about the benefits in living a healthy lifestyle and be an advocate for a green living.

The activity was held at Primavera’s Office-Showroom and it started at 7am. Brokers and Salespersons from different Realty Firms attended the said event. The program was headed by the Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation Office, where in they have prepared a lot of fun stuff in the program. They have invited a speaker, namely Mr. Nars Paraguya who discussed about a very informative topic, The benefits of Living a Healthy Life. He talked about things that should be avoided as this would cause harm to our body, health and environment. He also encouraged us to practice healthy living by eating the right food and proper exercise. Ms. Ara, the Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing at PODC CDO, then took the stage and Primavera-Residencesgave us a brief overview regarding Primavera Residences. She conversed about the building’s unique specifications; its features and amenities. For the closing remarks in the first part of the program, PODC’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mr. Rodolfo L. Menes, disclosed his thoughts and experiences in the Real Estate Industry.

After the part one of the program, they then prepared a very satiating breakfast for the attendees. They served us nutritious food and fruits. The breakfast was just befitting for the next activity. Part two of the program was mainly for the games that they have arranged. This part was a convivial one since all the attendees participated in the games. Before the games, we were divided into two groups. The Lead Brokers, D&G Realty and AGT Realty were assigned to be the leaders of each group. We, the RPM Realty were placed under the AGT Realty group.

In the first game, which was the collage making, our group won this contest. The second was the fill in the blanks game; the D&G Realty got the first place. The last game was an individual game; this game was so much fun! I could say that tongue twister game is the best! We enjoyed listening to the tongue twisting words that they have given for the contestants to read. The program ended in gaiety. It’s an event that is worth attending. To PODC, thank you for creating such a great event. And oh, we’re looking forward for more entertaining and awesome events. Until then!


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