STAR Awards 2012: First Quarter Sales Recognition

Star-AwardsSales Recognition. Every year, we allot a time for our quarterly sales recognition. In line with this event, we always come up with different themes. And with this year’s first quarter sales recognition, we used the word STAR as an acronym for our theme; which stands for Strengthening Team And Recognition.

We came up with this theme because it is our aim to strengthen more our relationship with each other. We want also to strengthen our team and recognize all the effort that we have done for the success of our company.

The said STAR Awards was held last April 19, 2012 at Coconut Bay Resort. The event was not solely for the RPM Realty agents but also for the HomeChoice Planners staffs. In the said event, our main concern is for us to be reminded of things that give us the drive to keep on working. And so we have this topic, 3D which stands for Dream.Desire.Do. These three words serve as a motivation for us to keep on doing the right things to realize our dreams and desires.

Dream-Desire-DoFor us to have a little more insight with the three words, each word was further explained to us by three different speakers. The first to share the word Dream was Ptr. Lloyd Yana of CDO First Assembly of God Church. After Ptr. Yana, Ms. Lyn Masangcay then imparts to us an inspirational message of the word Desire. Lastly, our very own Mr. Robinson P. Masangcay encouraged us to have some bias for action. Motivated us to pursue our dreams and desires – Do!

After sharing the words of encouragement, the most awaited part of the program was up – awarding! For this first quarter awardees, we have Ms. Lezeil Terec and Ms. Ma. Charisse Guinto-Aparre. Ms. Terec who’s the icebreaker for the month of January and Ms. Aparre for the most number of sales in this quarter. Dinner then followed after the awarding. We had a very satisfying dinner catered to us by the staff of the resort. And then after eating, swimming time!

3D’s because these are the secrets to success. As what Ms. Valerie Garcia shared before the program’s conclusion, we should have God given dreams, desires that are aligned with God’s principles and partner God if we do these things. Never stop dreaming!


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