Pueblo de Oro’s Payment Holiday Promo

Great News!!

Pueblo de Oro is up for another great offering. Here’s a promo that surely prospect buyers wouldn’t miss; the Payment Holiday Promo. Below are the mechanics:

1. All housing unit reservations in Forest View Homes, the Courtyards, as well as Golf Estates lots from June 1 to September 30, 2012 are qualified; except the sale RFO units, which have a separate holiday promo scheme.

2. Client must pay the reservation fee and submit complete documentary requirements (including PDCs) within 15 days from the date of reservation.

3. Qualified clients shall enjoy an equity payment holiday for the first three (3) months, as shown in the following sample payment schedules:


Transaction                  Date                                       Scheduled Payment
Reservation                      Jun 2012                               Reservation Fee
Month 1                              July 2012                              Equity Payment Holiday
Month 2                              Aug 2012                              Equity Payment Holiday
Month 3                              Sep 2012                               Equity Payment Holiday
Month 4* – 36                   Oct 2012 – Jun 2015       Equity + Bank Amort
Month 37                           Jul 2015 – onwards           Bank Amort only

*move-in period


UCPB Financing                  Date                               Scheduled Payment
Reservation                             June 2012                      Reservation Fee
Month 1*                                  July 2012                        5% Outright Downpayment
Month 2**                               August 2012                   Bank Amort only
Month 3                                   September 2012            Bank Amort only
Month 4                                   October 2012                  Bank Amort only

Balance 5% Equity over 9 mos, 0% int

Month 5 – 12               Nov 2012 – Jun 2013   5% Equity Payment + Bank Amort
Month 13 – onwards July 2013 – onwards     Bank Amort only

*move-in period (RFO units) **projected take-out by UCPB

4. In the event buyer decides to cancel their reservation under this promo, standard procedures and corresponding fees and charges shall apply.

What are you waiting for? Come and avail this awesome promo. It’s a LIMITED offer only. Reserve now and PAY LATER!


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