Frolic at Forest View Homes

“Da Best ang Pasko sa Forest View Homes”, this was Pueblo de Oro’s theme during their Christmas Party held last December 13, 2012. It was definitely the best because of the great stuff that the PODC staffs has prepared.

In the said event, the lead brokers together with its core brokers were designated to decorate the model houses of Forest View Homes. The following were the lead brokers and model houses they were assigned to decorate: CLM Realty – Twinhomes model house, SYA Realty – Jessica model house and D&G Realty – Erika model house. Each group had a fun time decorating the model houses; and as a tradition to us Filipinos, the groups even prepared a feast that was shared to the others when they did the house hopping.

Pueblo de Oro also prepared games such as the impromptu caroling that hailed CLM Realty as the winner, transferring peanuts from one plate to another using only chopsticks and giving the best pick up line in which Mr. Shim Suan was recognized as the winner in the last two games. Surely, you’re curious as to what was Mr. Suan’s pick up line that made him the winner, well here’s the conversation between PODC’s VP-GM Mr. Huey Tan and Mr. Shim Suan of ACTS Realty:

Mr. Suan: “Sir Huey, twinhomes ka ba?”

Mr. Tan: “Bakit?”

Mr. Suan: “Kasi Hue(you) and Uey(we) are happy.”

What can we say? Kudos to Mr. Suan for coming up with that pick up line. Raffle promos and door prizes were also given away that definitely added to the revelry of the event. As the program came to an end, CLM Realty was awarded as the winner of the best decorated model house and we were also caroled by priests from the seminary.

PODC is just one of the developers here in Cagayan de Oro City that celebrated their Christmas party. Christmas season is here so we’ll be expecting for more parties to come and be held by the other developers of this city. Thanks to Pueblo de Oro for inviting us. Cheers!


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