Brokers and Salespersons gets Equipped

The Real Estate world is getting bigger. A lot of individuals venture into this kind of field as it offers greater opportunities. But being a Real Estate Broker and Salesperson is not an easy work to take. It opts one to be dedicated and passionate in this kind of work.

Part of being dedicated and passionate with this work is being equipped with knowledge of the things that one sells. In order for a broker or salesperson to be able to market products, they must have knowledge about the product that they are to endorse.

Wanting to be equipped, brokers and salespersons are up for new learning. And with this, Product Knowledge Seminars are conducted by varied developers here in this city. This so called PKS is a monthly activity held by developers; this is to give details to the brokers and salespersons the different products that they are developing.

For this year, another developer held a seminar last February 8. Pueblo de Oro conducted its very first PKS at Hillsborough Pointe Clubhouse. Old and new faces can be seen in the said seminar; the old faces are there for a refresher course and as for the new ones, they were present that time to learn all about PODC’s products.

After the seminar, I must say that the participants went home equipped with knowledge. They are now ready to market PODC’s products to prospect buyers. Go for Gold guys! Happy Selling!


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