Primavera Residences’ Educational Tour

The Italpinas Inc. group in cooperation with RPM Realty has conducted another educational tour at Primavera Residences building. It was held last September 21 at the green building’s multi-purpose hall. This time around, civil engineering students from Mindanao University of Science and Technology, Capitol University and Cagayan de Oro College participated in the said activity.

Primavera Residences conducted this educational tour for the Unified Students of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers to give them idea as to what benefits you can get from constructing a green building. Ms. Gladys M. Echano, the Sales and Marketing Head of Italpinas Inc. CDO discussed the advantages of an eco-friendly building. She gave insights as to how the Primavera Residences was planned and built by its Italian architect. The educational tour also taught the students the importance of creating a green building. Knowing the effects of global warming these days, creating a project with green concept is a big help for our world. Because of the educational tour, these future engineers will surely be able to contribute in the aid of the global warming problem by implementing an eco-friendly project.

In behalf of Italpinas Inc., we at RPM Realty would like to extend our thanks to the civil engineering students of MUST, CU and COC for participating in the said event. Thank you also to the staff of Italpinas Inc. CDO for their support and collaboration for this tour. Kudos to all!


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