Trick or Treat!

November is coming and in line with this month is the celebration of Halloween. Aside from the All Saints day and All Souls day celebration, Halloween parties are one of the highlights during this time of the month.

Here in Cagayan de Oro City, different establishments are doing their best to decorate their place with things that will make their place look scary. Witches, Jack o lantern pumpkins, cobwebs and other scary characters can be seen everywhere. One of the main activities during Halloween celebration is the trick or treats. This kind of activity is usually done by children wherein they will be dressed in their awesome Halloween costumes and march around houses to ask for a trick or treat.

In the uptown area of CDO, establishments like SM City mall and Ark Island School conducted their very own Halloween party where children of varied ages joined in the said event. Both establishments have their own way of celebrating the event; Ark Island School students visited the different offices and stores that is within the Pueblo de Oro Township to ask for treats from the people. trick-or-treat-sm-cdo In SM City, kids from Cagayan de Oro City participated in the event flaunting their amazing costumes; stalls and stores of SM City prepared treats to give for the children.

The Halloween celebration here in Cagayan de Oro City was indeed a fun event. Through these celebrations, it gave the children reason not to be scared during this time of the month but to have fun and enjoy. Happy Halloween!


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