Mid-year madness at Primavera

primavera-sales-recognitionOn the date of July 18, 2014, at exactly 6PM, a one of a kind event being held at Primavera was made possible. This was actually the midyear sale recognition. It was a night of excitement and celebration, where partnerships and team work led to the success of our firm.

Part of this celebration was delicious foods and tasty drinks which truly made us full in no time. There were smiles that resembled success and also a moment of tense. Though there were other guests present in the event, we were the only ones to give a one of a kind performance which ended with applause. But the main purpose of the event is soon to be determined.

mid-year-sales-recognition-primaveraAwards were actually given for the best realty midyear sale, where we were placed at the top spot. Jezreel James L. Manrique the Ace Agent of our firm got the spot of top seller. His hard work was truly worth it and teamwork really pays off. It was a moment of victory in many ways and a joy which we didn’t expect to come. But this was actually made possible because of how
God helped us to accomplish our tasks well.

Various activities were in fact made in order to make this celebration perfect and fill the event with more happiness and excitement. It was a challenge which all of us had passed and a trial that ended up beneficially. This was in fact a moment of success for us, the moment where we were recognized as the top realty for the event and a moment that’s truly meant to be.


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