Winter Wonderland: PODC’s Q3 Awarding

1491739_771057652930152_6375504144683310447_nPueblo de Oro has been a known developer for creating unique themes and concepts when it comes to parties and sales awarding. They always come up with a theme that one would surely look forward to attend to. For their third quarter awarding, they’ve let the brokers and salespersons experience what it is to have a winter Christmas in a tropical country.

Last December 5 at Mallberry Suites, the brokers and agents excitedly dressed up in their winter outfit. Some came wearing jackets, gloves and bonnets; others with scarf around their neck. There were others also who wore a frozen movie inspired outfit. It was an event snowing with awards and prizes. The top performers of different realties were acknowledged during the night. The brokers and agents who have contributed more sales to Pueblo de Oro were given certifications and grocery items. Appliances and grocery packs were also given to the attendees as part of their raffle and door prizes.

The night was not only about recognition of the top performers; it was also recognition of talents. Each realty has showcased their dancing, singing, rapping and acting skills; showing that they are not just sellers but also entertainers. It was an event full of glee and everyone had enjoyed their winter wonderland experience. Congratulations to Pueblo de Oro for another successful event.


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