RPM Realty collaborating BellaVita group for Product Presentation

bellavita-product-presentationBellavita has been out in the Cagayan de Oro Real Estate market for some time now. With their appearance and announcement in the public, their product has been selling like a hotcake since then. Aside from the fact that it’s an Ayala Land product, Bellavita is also busy conducting different marketing strategy that’s why it was able to sell its unit easily.

One marketing strategy of BellaVita is that they are open to the idea of collaborating with realties in arranging product presentation with different companies and entities. Last August 10, RPM Realty team up with BellaVita group for a product presentation in the PNP Training Camp at Indahag. The team had an overwhelming bellavita-ayala-land-product-presentationattendance and overwhelming response from the product they have presented. BellaVita product has drawn interest from the police officers. Their positive responses are an indication that BellaVita is a product worth investing to.

The product presentation was a success judging by the attendees’ response. Thanks to BellaVita for the collaboration with RPM Realty. Looking forward for another team up! And looking forward for another product presentation with other entities!


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