ABrown, Inc Welcomes ALL Licensed Brokers to market their Projects

There are many developers competing in the market. In Cagayan de Oro, one long standing developer among the rest is ABrown, Inc. They continue to aggressively expand their share in the market by opening several projects of various categories. They also align themselves to the government requirement of supporting licensed real estate brokers and salespersons. As an affiliated licensed brokerage, RPM Realty can assist you in identifying and processing your acquisition of the investment you want with ABrown, Inc.

Their projects range from socialized to economic thus serving a wide range of clientele. Listed projects include Xavier Estates. Ventura Residences, Ignatius Enclave, Adelaida Park Residences, Teakwood Hills, West Highlands ( in Butuan). Coral Resort Estates, Valencia Estates, Xavierville Homes, Saint Therese Subdivision, Mountain View Homes, Mangoville, and has contracted to market, Mountain Pines Farm.


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