Living in Uptown Cagayan de Oro

132_pueblogolfestatesvTHE most ideal place to live in Cagayan de Oro nowadays is in the uptown area. There are way way lots of advantages if you live in the uptown area. First of all, that part of Cagayan de Oro doesn’t get flooded and water will just trickle down even though it rains real hard in the mountains.

The next thing to consider in living in uptown Cagayan de Oro is the view. The view from any subdivision in uptown Cagayan de Oro is really awesome and you can see the Macajalar Bay on the horizon. You can also experience the sun slowly rising or slowly setting depending on which vantage point your subdivision is located, be on the eastern or the western side.

And then of course, consider too the serenity of the place. With lush greenery all around you, you will never be deprived of clean oxygen all year round. You will never worry about pollution. That’s the beauty of the subdivisions in uptown Cagayan de Oro whether you are planning to stay in Pueblo de oro, Alegria or Teakwood.


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