CDO and RPM Realty’s Voice for the Bus Hostage Incident

Bus Hostage PhilippinesThe shocking and breath-taking done hostage drama last Monday, August 21, 2010 has come up with negative feedback and result to all Filipinos. As of today, a lot of verbal assault  we, Filipinos receive from Hongkong. They said, they will declare war, as per those disseminated text messages said. A lot of us are disappointed of the police’s performance that time. Many of those countries and nationalities had blamed not only the police on command that time, but the entire Philippine estate!

Of course, we will be moved to give our opinion and comments on that part. It is vividly true that what happened was full of flaws. But it is not enough reason to blame the whole Filipinos and to come to conclude of  declaring war, nor to suppress the rights for those Filipinos outside its vicinity! No one wanted that killing be done. None of us ordinary people, the police, nor the President wanted it to happen.

The least we could do now is to pray and do our part as Filipinos to solidify and build again the trust by those nationalities. Though it is true, that the easiest thing to remember is the flaw one, still we should be, once again vitalize our faith and unity to fight for the right and for the success of our economy and of adhering our tourism.

Let us once again, call our fellow- Filipino to be united to help our country of praying and doing the right move for this crisis!  Nothing is impossible once we are all in one for one goal- TO PROSPER.


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