RPM in Partnership with CDO Realty and its Updates

For years of serving the people for their household and construction problems, the RPM realty has come to its grandeur development and widening scope of serving the needs and luxury of each client. In order to enhance also its way of making their name and services be known to everybody, even to people abroad, RPM managed to have a partnership with the CDO Realty in 2008. The union is great which makes the work be done more convenient.

Recently this year, in its new office location here in Pueblo, Masterson Avenue, the RPM embarked its new projects, plans and views for the ever developing developers they are serving with. It has new set of agents, having new staff members, and of course, the spiritual sharing as acknowledgement to God’s boons and harvest of the realty; it still has its group sharing or prayer meeting every Monday. This is to make the good rapport, openness of thoughts with regards to totaled events happened among every agents, and employees in the Realty. This is for the vitality of the connection among each other and to the one, whom the Realty believes as the core provider of every success it gained and will gain.

Undeniably, the CDO Realty with RPM Realty strengthens their bond spiritually, with full loyalty, and solidarity to reach the vision and mission that each of them believes:


  • To become the country’s leading professional in real estate brokerage network, specializing in real estate selling and marketing and giving emphasis in costumer service and satisfaction.


  • To provide professional service to prospective homeowners addressing their housing needs with special focus on the after sale service.
  • To act as active and supportive partner to various real estate developers in the pursuit in providing the housing needs of the country with the strong belief that the success of our developer’s partners will eventually translate to our long-term homogeneous business relationship and profitability.
  • To inspire our sales force to take the real estate as a serious professional career and that to have a long term perspective in dealing with our clients by providing our sales force regular training by promoting camaraderie and team spirit in the organization and by giving them due recognition of their professional dealing with out clients and their colleagues in the real estate business.

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