The RPM Realty Team’s Recap Activities!

As the RPM realty team had lived with the year 2010, they encountered lots of challenges and numbers of clients’ houses concern, which were being heard and served will. As part of their vision and mission, which they always made sure to show and to portray to every client, we are proud to say, that they really did!

Just to give view of the things, which the team had done last year; let me show you here some of the venues and the activities they had done:

Team Party

RPM & HCPC X-mas Party 2010
The team had enjoyed to share their laughter and blessings to each one in the office by being in this gathering. Each had uttered his/her goodness to feel the presence of Christmas and the boons which God had given to the office for the entire year. Awards were given to those deserving personality in the office: Mrs. Edna Barce (Top Seller of the year), Mr. Ian Jason Manrique (2nd in Rank), then Mrs. Valerie Joan Garcia (3rd in rank of the sale).

The program were done with the fellowship and the greatness of God and His protection for the entire team and for each safety as they took the year 2010 with bountiful blessings and with lots of  ways to help each client the office had and still has.

Liberty Land Corporation Party
Liberty land x-mas 2010
As one of the developers who think about the perseverance, dedication and hard work of every broker and agent, the LLC did gather every personality in the field of brokerage to celebrate the Christmas by sharing the Corporation’s accomplishments and graces for the year 2010.

The RPM team was also invited to join the celebration and had participated on their prepared program and activities. The celebration was inspired with the Broadway concept, which made the night even surprising, exciting and colorful!

As usual, there was awarding for those deserving agents who performed well and once again made the field of brokerage more professional and worth discovering.

These what made the RPM team more enthusiastic to face the new year of perseverance, faith,and full of prayers to make every one’s work worth-taking and to help lots of people in this field. We are happy to continue what we had portrayed, in helping all of you in the way we can, and in God’s guidance and accordance!


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