The Essence of One United Team

RPM Realty Team BuildingNumbers of people might not understand what the real and most important unit of a group, organization or corporation. In every nature of work, corporation or management, there is the small, yet very important spark

of what we called-TEAM.

For a company this would make it to grow, if tamed and monitored well. That would be true if, and only if, the entire company will going to look after its members. Thus, this is even applicable to all nature of businesses and even to other aspects. In relation to brokerage kind of business, this is a must to be watched factor. Without the good team, realty firm will not work well and will not function in solidarity.  It is important to practice what a functional team. As part of our response of a good team, we once held our first team building, which enhances good rapport to each of our team in the office totally.

Team BuildingLast vacation, we had this team building activities that enlightened each one of us in the team of what a good and functional team is all about. Lots of lessons we got from it and lots of insights of life, which seemed spoke to every one of us. It reminds us numbers of virtue in day to day life and of how to cope every encumbrance would come along our ways. It doesn’t matter what position or civil status and social status a man has, he still needs to learn to bow down and discern of how to conquer his downs or limitations in life.

The activities help one of us realized the importance of how a united team works. It gave us the knowledge working together without doubt, mistrust, pride and pessimism in dealing all challenges. Instead of those negativity, there should be encouragements, optimism, real helping hands to everyone in the team without doubt and anxieties. But above all, the faith in God, which makes every life’s activity, be done on the right time with ease and accomplishment. In CDO Realty Teambehalf of the RPM realty team, we would like to thanks, our PILLARS in the company for giving us the time to share our time, thoughts and various temperaments, that led us to a good and molding rapport inside the office and in everything we do everyday.

We in CDO Realty people, has been united since the business started. But with that activity, it only makes our bonding, in vital form, without thinking of any negative thoughts that might make one’s heart be hurt. We are in one now in serving. We are in one thinking. We are in one mission- To Be Blessed and to be a Blessing! We are the real ESSENCE of One United Team of God!


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