BPInoy Fiesta Event at Lim Ketkai Mall!

BPInoy-FiestaWith our previous entry, we covered the BDO for having their done event at SM. Now, we have this newly done event at Lim Ketkai Mall, just yesterday, July 09, 2011. There were lots of participants from different housing developers, car establishments, and those other businesses, that are can be availed through bank loan.

The event was held in Lim Ket Kai rotunda area, where every loan enthusiasts were settled property and comfortably on the area. There were people from the press and those who are having OFW relatives who are interested to avail either car, or housing loan. The BPI team had a chance to explain to public their ways and process in availing the loan, in any purpose would it be.

On the program, they gave surprises and prices as well to those participative participants. That was a great chance also for those individuals who are just come from abroad, to ask personally to the bank management of their ways, so that, when they go back abroad, they can, at least have the idea.

I just happened to go in the area, to stroll, but I just realize that it is really a must time for me to be their. Of course, to listen and observe how lots of our fellows are interested with this bank financing, just to own a house. They just need to have complete details of how it works and a reassuring explanation by the bank staffs!


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