“Enhancing land, enriching lives for more people by having this affordable property development”

Great and very great innovation is really coming over to our city months from now. It has been being planned, sketched and even prepared theoretically and actually by every personage in Cagayan de Oro Gateway Corporation. The latter is formed with the two huge parties of AYALA LAND INC. and the ANFLO. Those big parties are now in one in developing another big mark in our city- the CENTRIO TOWER.

Centrio tower is would be mixed used tower residential tower or condominium with its mixed mall project which is adjacent to the residential area on the same area in C.M.Recto Corrales, Brgy 24. This will be a magnificent project that has been conceptualized within the wants and needs of the inhabitants would be. This is another vital center in our city, which enhances the capability and the strength of our city to stand still with its development that is inline with the civilization and modernization. Its structure is would be that enticing and would be completed on the 3rd quarter on 2015.

We got all of those ideas during the Professional Training and Seminar held by Avida Property Management Corporation (APMC) last October 27-28, 2011. We in realty or brokerage field were being invited to join and be acquainted with the said project with its total details and the benefits in availing these units would be. On the training, there were numbers of sales persons and brokers were being in the venue and were even made to the last day, which is the graduation day and wherein, we had our team revalida and written exam taken.

The management required all of us to take both of those to check if what they had shared were being absorbed, and to check our professionalism as well while on field of sales. That was amazingly done and that educational. All of us had enough learning and discoveries from the people who conducted the training namely; Robert Ramirez, one of the sales personnel of Avida Land Corp. and Sheryl Lazaro, his collegue.

In our own group, there were 7 of us who finished the two-days training seminar up to the revalida and exam. All of us will be waiting for the result and for the launching of the Centrio Tower, of course! This will be an exciting product and market to be. We are all excited and courageous enough to be part of the sale and for the success for this product owned by CDO Gateway Corporation!

The said training seminar was done with the fellowship and the cheers on our faces. That was worth one! And it was our honor and pleasure to partake the professional learning and training by those people all the way from Manila. Of course, for the very competitive product- CENTRIO TOWER which model units are soon to be done and displayed parallel to the project itself!

Let’s wait and discover its very convenient units to be by December this year!


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