October 14-15, 2011

“Enhancing our sales-persons in the world of realty, where every local and international clientele could depend for their realty needs.”

IMG_0133As one of our city’s governance concerns, it is obliged to say, that in all of our income producing departments could be that well-prepared in dealing with people in improving our service to them; just to provide what every fellow is looking forward to satisfy their needs. Thus, even in every group or organization being created and newly molded it is a must to have the intensive trainings and seminars to be undertaken.

In response to the above mentioned trainings, even the real estate’s field of profession is now having a move with those innovation alternatives to be disseminated to all of those individuals inline with this field. Among those organizations, who handles a professional seminar or trainings for the salesperson is the CREBA TRAININGS CENTER or Chamber of Real Estates and Builders’ Associations.

Just last week, October 14 to 15, 2011 the CREBA, on the 3rd time conducted the Continuing Professional Education Salesmanship Seminar. For this seminar it had almost 40 participants from different realty or groups, who are affiliated in this field. The topics covers from the profession’s duties, terms, functions and also for the personality development in dealing and handling clients as well. Two of our companions were there and had the certification already, showing the 12 units for the done seminar. That would be needed for the licensing soon to be for all real estates’ sales-persons.

For their next schedule to be for this same event, they will also remind us all and would spread the schedule ahead of time. We will update all of you as well, especially those who are interested and would rather have their future and field of profession in REAL ESTATE WORLD.

Until the next Continuing Professional Education ( CPE)!


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