Pueblo de Oro Christmas Bazaar!

“Its Holiday time and a time for sharing and loving!”

As our city proper is getting busier for the preparation of the Christmas season, the Pueblo de Oro Development as well is now having their own business to tend with on its own area here in uptown! As part of their yearly events, they always have this Christmas Bazaar, just like last year. And now the management is inviting you all to come to the Christmas Bazaar at Pueblo de Oro! December 16-18, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. @ Masterson Mile ( fronting Masterson Avenue).

This will be exciting with those investors or businesses parties who would display as well with their products on the area on the mentioned dates. This will also consist or be participated with musical local bands and prepared events or program by the development. Thus, this will be fascinatingly preparation and Christmas program for all the brokers, agents, clients and enthusiasts to experience this event.

The development is inviting all of those interested investors to visit the area on the said venue to share as well their products and make the difference of this event to be more memorable for every one in brokerage profession. This will be full of fun, discoveries and the most, is the solidarity by those diverging realty, firm and those people in the uptown areas. This is to make good rapport among the group and the individuals involving real estates and selling, of course. What matters most here is the togetherness and Christmas essence for one another in this season.

Also, this will serve as the abundance of each personality in this field of profession. This is to extend the boons gained by the Pueblo de Oro Development to every on field sales persons and to all brokers as well. Thus, we are inviting all of you to come and join this Christmas Bazaar this on this season of Christmas. See you there!


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