Q2 Sales Awards: Pueblo de Oro

Q2-Sales-AwardEvery developer here in this city, never misses a time to celebrate their quarterly sales recognition. They conduct this certain program to acknowledge and give recognition to the brokers and salespersons that have performed well during the quarter. They give awards to those who have contributed much in the success of their company. That contribution includes of the number of sales that each broker and agent were able to raise up.

Organizing this sales recognition, each developer comes up with these different themes that is sure catchy and interesting enough to attend to. One of the many developers that is known for creating unique themed events is Pueblo de Oro; and last July 27, 2012, another awesome themed sales awards was conducted. For this quarter, PODC came up with a theme of Olympic Fest (inspired by the forthcoming Olympic Games at London, surely!) and it took place at Hillsborough Pointe clubhouse.

PODC-Q2-Sales-AwardThe attendees, which are of course the brokers and agents of different reality firms were dressed up according to the events theme. They have arrived at the venue ostentatiously donned in their sports outfit. Everybody took the effort to dress up and flaunt their outfits as there would be an award waiting for the best dressed. And at the end of the event, one person stood out and got the best in sports attire award. Aside from this best in sports attire award; Pueblo de Oro also prepared other minor awards, freebies and games to add some spice to the program.

PODC’s products and be one of the top performers for the quarter.

It was a great program and the participants had a fun time. Congratulations to those who have deservingly received an award. Indeed, all the efforts made paid off sweetly. See you all on the next sales recognition!


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