It’s a Warming Party!

The long wait is over! Primavera Residences Tower 1 can now be seen in its almost complete state; just some little finishing touches and it’s good to go. The first green building here in the City of Golden Friendship is now standing majestically on Pueblo de Oro’s Business Park. With the building’s unique features and design, it really catches the attention of the by passers.

Just last August 25, 2012, Primavera Residences held their warming party; they formally opened their new office and model unit to the public. They have invited the brokers and salespersons of different realty firms, as well as their clients to the said ceremony. Architect Romolo Nati, the President of ITA Project and the one who designed the building was present in the event; he was the one who initiated in the ribbon cutting. Mr. Nati also gave a speech of appreciation to the attendees; conveying his heart warming gratitude.

It was a great event. The participants had a satisfying breakfast meal and fun time with the games. We even had a tour around the condominium, taking snapshots of their model unit in the 6th floor; where in we have to take the stairs because the twin elevators are not yet ready for use. And honestly, our knees got shaky when we reached the 6th floor (only shows that we do not exercise. Ha ha!), but it was fun!

To the Italpinas’ staff and management, thank you for inviting us. Kudos to all!


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