Kpop Festival: PODC’s Third Quarter Sales Award

Inspired by the Korean dance craze, Oppa Gangnam Style which has been a trending topic worldwide because of its half billion views on youtube; Pueblo de Oro comes up with this epic concept of Kpop Festival for their third quarter sales awards.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers of different Realty firms flocked together last October 25, 2012 at Hillsborough Pointe’s Clubhouse. It’s high time that the agents and brokers gather in one place for an acquaintance party; for them to get connected with their colleagues and be acquainted with the newbies.

It was a three hour full packed event as Pueblo de Oro prepared a lot of great stuff. Awesome prizes were given away for the games and raffle promos that they have prepared. With the kpop fashion theme, agents and brokers attended the party showing off their kpop inspired outfits. The top performers for the quarter were acknowledged and awarded as well.

Pueblo de Oro never ceases to create such epic events. Cheers to the staffs and managements for the successful program. This event did not only acknowledge those who have performed well but it also encouraged the newbies to gear up for the next quarter. Thank you Pueblo de Oro for inviting us! We surely look forward for more great events. To all brokers and agents, see you on the next sales recognition; and that would be the on the annual sales awards. Again, kudos to Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation for the job well done!


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