Celebrating STAR Awards

RPM Realty ends the year with a bang! The fourth and last quarter has come to an end. We’re saying goodbye to year 2012. And all of these mean only one thing to people in the Real Estate world – Awarding Ceremony!

In RPM Realty, we have our very own version of the awarding ceremony; and we call it STAR Awards. The word STAR is an acronym for Strengthening Team and Recognition. Yes, our goal in every awarding ceremony that we have is to further strengthen the skills and abilities of the agents; as well as give them recognition for their great work and contribution in the company.

Last December 29, 2012, together with the HomeChoice Planners and Construction Company Christmas party, RPM Realty also celebrated their Fourth Quarter and Annual STAR Awards. RPM Realty has given recognition to the following brokers and agents with their corresponding awards:

Top Sales Award:

1st Place – Mr. Ian Jason L. Manrique
2nd Place – Mr. Jezreel James L. Manrique
3rd Place – Ms. Leziel T. Petilla

Rookie of the Year: Mr. Jezreel James L. Manrique

The company has also given the First Sale Award to these following agents for their breakthrough in the marketing industry: Mr. Jezreel James L. Manrique, Mr. Jeffry Camingao, Ms. Jasmin Faith L. Manrique and Ms. Jovelyn S. Yana. To the recipients of the awards, congratulations! You’re all deserving for the awards. All your efforts have been paid off.

It’s definitely a productive year for RPM Realty and we thank God for it. Indeed, we have ended the year with a big bang! Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013! It’s a new year and we are looking forward for a more productive and awesome year. We all deserve some kudos! A very happy and prosperous New Year to all!


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