Restarting Smart

RPM Realty restarts for the second trimester! The first trimester for this year has passed by and second trimester comes in. It’s time to leave all the past behind and whatever has happened in the past, keep it and learn from it. For this second trimester, it’s time to focus on the future. And that’s why RPM Realty is Restarting Smart!

1st of May 2013 – first day of the second trimester and RPM Realty conducted its very first activity for the said trimester. It has been decided that before we take a step into the future, we have to stop and review first the things that we have done in the past. That before we move forward, see first if there are some cleaning to do in our past and remove the clutters.

Just like the computer, if it’s running too slow or has become unresponsive; the loading takes time, or maybe some applications are crashing, then it needs some restarting. If our computers or laptops are facing these kind of problems, we automatically press the restart button for it to function properly again. And we at RPM Realty, has pressed our restart button because we are starting fresh for the second trimester. For our fresh start, there are things in our life that we have decided to control doing, alter whatever it is that needs changing and delete the excess baggage. Starting this trimester, we just trust the Lord and lay everything upon Him. We have big FAITH for the Lord our Savior. And the activity that we had at Pryce Plaza Hotel was for God, making Him the center of everything that we do.

RPM Realty was blessed by the activity conducted because of the great things that the Lord our Savior has prepared. We were also blessed by the message that was exhorted to us by our guests – Ptr. Elpie Taboclaon and Ptr. Walter Richie. With the word that they have shared, we are more motivated to pursue our desires and continue to be a blessing unto others. To our guest speakers, big thanks!

In the same day, we also held our 1st Trimester STAR Awards and acknowledge the salespersons that have excelled in the marketing field. Congratulations to Ms. Jovelyn S. Yana for being the Top Seller for the 1st Trimester. It was indeed a great and refreshing activity for us. And we are proud to say that, yes, we have restarted smart and it’s for the better!


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