Westwoods House Blessing

westwoods-model-house-blessingMany people want to enjoy living in a peaceful environment in a rural area. Peace and quiet seems like a dream for many Kagay-anons, but thanks to Pueblo De Oro that dream just became a reality. On July 12 2014 a breathtaking event took place as Pueblo De Oro launches its model house blessing in Westwoods.
It is a long time Filipino tradition wherein the family that owns that property, in this case the developer seeks the blessing of the Catholic Church. As such, there is a series of events that are being participated by the owners and their welcomed guests.

Welcome and Opening

The opening as well as the welcoming of the guests usually starts when the guests start to come in through invitation. The opening is done by the product manager Mequesa Marie S. Chan.


Pueblo De Oro’s township relations manager Meir L. Castrillo was in-charge of the heartwarming invocation.


This is the time that the developer of the house will take their message to their guests and officially welcome them inside their home. This is the moment of VP general manager Eduino L. Tan.

westwoods-model-units-blessingRibbon Cutting

The welcoming is finally official once the ribbon that serves as the doorway to the property is cut by VP general manager Eduino L. Tan and SVP consultant Rudolfo L. Menez. This is the most anticipated moment for all buyers and sellers.

Model House Blessing

This is the time when Rev. Fr. Harold Parillo JCL blesses the house in order to make it peaceful for the people who live in it. It is a normal Filipino tradition to bless the house in order to drive evil spirits and bad fortunes away from the home. A ceremony of prayer is also being held during the blessing.

Thank You Message

Voltaire M. Flores would finally be called in front of his guests in order to thank them for coming to the house blessing. He prepared a short speech and thank the guest for coming to witness the event, the guests would then be invited to enjoy the food prepared.


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