A taste of Korea

smart-condo-yega-developmentMusic, attire, food; these are just some of the things that Koreans have influenced us Filipinos. They are also known to be trendsetters for us Pinoys because whatever new stuff that they will introduce, we also make it as part of our trend. Korean’s pop culture or Kpop as what they call it is what we Filipinos are fond of. Their Kpop music has been a worldwide craze, even if we don’t understand any of its lyrics; we still listen to it as if we really understand the lyrics. The movies and drama series; we Pinoys are fond of watching all of these also. It’s undeniable that Koreans make one of the great story plots; proof is the remake shows that we Filipinos did. Knowing that we Pinoys are hopeless romantic and melodramatic, Korean dramas have easily become a part of our household. Korean foods though they are new to our taste, it has become a favorite of us Pinoys. Korean restaurants have popped up and spread throughout our country. I must say that we Pinoys are definitely hooked with all this Korean stuff, even I myself is included.

smart-condo-yega-development-corpNow, why did I come up talking about all these Korean stuff? It’s because here in Cagayan de Oro City, all these Korean stuff are being patronized also by Kagay-anons. Seeing Koreans walking around this city is already a normal sight. Korean stores, restaurants and schools are slowly spreading in this city also. And I think that because our city is tagged as the City of Golden Friendship; Koreans love to stay here in our city. Slowly, they spread their culture here for us to have a taste of it also. With this, last February 21, one of the new developers in this city; a Korean company that is, have us experienced their Korean New Year. Yega Development Corporation, the developer behind the rising Smart Condominium, has conducted a Korean New Year wherein they invited real estate brokers, agents, prospect buyers, media people and other VIPs. It was a fun event as we were entertained by Kpop shows; dance crews dancing with the beat of Kpop music. We also had a taste of Korean lunch, kimchi’s included! I just don’t know the name of the smart-condoother foods prepared, but it was delicious. Raffle and door prizes were also given to the attendees but one major prize was coveted by many; the 4 days and 5 nights trip for two to Korea. Congrats to the one who got the major prize! Enjoy your trip to Korea! Cheers also to Yega Development Corporation for the successful event. Sae hae bok manhi paduseyo!

Though it’s not wrong to patronize or be interested with other country’s culture, I just hope that as Filipinos, we wouldn’t forget our culture; that we should continue to patronize and love our own culture. Let us be proud of our history and culture, be a proud Filipino!


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