Smart Condo’s Top-off Ceremony

13237606_1025269020842346_8045385797468804590_nThree years after its unveiling, Smart Condominium is now nearing its completion. Its structural works are already done and they are on their next step of construction and that is the architectural works of the building. Last May 14, Yega Development Corporation conducted its Top-off Ceremony at the Smart Condominium building. Prospect buyers, visitors, brokers and agents were present at the ceremony. The top management of Yega Development Corporation was present as well; along with them are fellow Korean investors and friends.

During the ceremony, Smart Condominium presented their edge among other condominiums. They have presented also their affiliated financing schemes. They also gave the attendees the opportunity to have a tour around the building and see the progress of the structure. Lunch fellowship and raffle prizes were also prepared for all those who have attended the ceremony.

13232978_1025269297508985_2113521257713431345_n Smart Condominium’s top-off ceremony was a success because of the positive response from the attendees. The promos they have prepared were surely enticing that the sellers are eager to sell the units. Exciting reward awaits for those who can book a sale before May 31st. So best of luck to the agents and brokers! Congratulations in advance!


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