Boosting RPM Realty for 2010

RPM_Realty_OfficeFor all throughout the globe, every one aspires to have a good and convenient living with there families, relatives and friends.  Thus, no one wants to live in an uncomfortable place and undesirable location and amenities in their houses. Traditionally, people would look for their desire house and lot in leg. But due with the modernization and the advancement of our generation, the realty has also arise to help and direct the people to their luxury and needs of choosing the right house for them to avail.

One of those established realty is the RPM Realty; a realty that has a very inspiring and interesting building process. The RPM is derived from the name of its founder, Robinson P. Masangcay. Many had wondered of how this realty came to realization right here in our city of Cagayan.  What and who built up RPM realty?

At early age of twenties, Robinson Masangcay had graduated with the degree of Computer Engineer in Mindanao Polytechnic College (Don Mariano). He was once an employee in one of shipping lines in the Philippines- the Negros Navigation Shipping Lines; also as an Instructor in one of the University here in the City and even made shoes on his bare hands to sell and to gain income for their daily needs at home. The same like others, tremendous encumbrances came to his life and tried to hinder him to succeed economically. But there is nothing impossible in God’s name. He conquered all of those trials and was given an opportunity to shine by grabbing the laid chances to him- The JCA REALTY.

Robinson was, at first, didn’t have any idea of how the field he joined would lead him to total fulfillment of his longing to support his family and himself financially, in accordance of the word of God. As he drove along the flow of the kind of venture in realty he was in, he met his ambition and dreams gradually.

RPM_RealtyIn 2005, Robinson with his wife Rodelyn Labor Masangcay, also a Computer Engineering graduate, started their dream to put up their own realty. Thus, they name the realty from his name, Robinson Pacut Masangcay or RPM Realty. Their office was first located in Mikmag Office (it was an office within an office) in Tiano Akut, Cagayan de Oro City. They had 18 agents that time, including his only wife as the staff and the one who did all of the paper to be typed- well, with their first baby, who was always on her side.  The picture of his wife’s work would inspire every woman in our times. Many could surely do multi-tasking, but on Mrs. Masangcay’s picture? It was really touchy and would inspire every woman to do the same of what she did. Working in the office with loads of works to be done, while taking good care of the baby at the same time? If we would look at it literally and practically, it is really difficult and challenging for a mother.

As the RPM Realty went on with its vision and mission, which is to lead and guide the people, they had crossed the Vista Verde Village. The latter is their seemed key to bounty moves and gains. They started to embellish the Village and use their own ideas of how to promote the Vista Verde Village. Thus, to make the story short, it is the RPM Realty Team who contributed their latent talents, skills, and exerted efforts to make the Village more presentable, palpable and profitable, by selling units beyond the Vista Verde Village’s staff could imagine.

On the year 2006, the RPM Realty had widened its opportunity and then put up a sub-project which is t he Home Choice Construction. And as those other businesses or companies, the realty also experienced the ups and downs along its way. Few of its agents started to part away and put up their own realty on 2007.

RPM_Home_ChoiceJune 28, 2010 was the exact time for the RPM realty to transfer to its new office located in Pueblo, Masterson Avenue, fronting Camella Homes, along with few of offices in the area. For the record, the RPM realty with its Home Choice Construction had 28 built houses and 80 construction workers.

It is sometimes true to say that, “To start is the most difficult thing to do”. Well, it is somewhat true. But once a person would start to think faster with accurate and pushy moves to make things possible, it would really be possible and would not just forever a dream. In pertinence with Robinson’s persevering acts and faithful heart and mind to God, he attained what he prayed for.  All of the sweat, dedication, optimistic views by all of the agents and the staff of RPM Realty, it is now on its own embarked name and credibility to serve clients in all status. It offers not only the housing and lots, but also a construction services for those who would just like to build houses on their own lots.

For the JCA Realty, the RPM would like to extend  their gratitude for the concept, guide and for the open-heart you had offered to help and molded its founder at his best. For the RPM Realty previous agents and staff, congratulations! And for the present agents and staff, “Good luck and let God’s rays and words lead you all the way of one’s perseverance, dedication, loyalty, integrity and passion for the work to be done and to be reliable individuals.”


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