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The CDO realty together with RPM Realty, presents Home Choice Planners as the other division of the latter. It is also located in the same office ( Pueblo, Masterson Avenue) and run by the owner Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Masangcay.  It has its own architect, construction workers, laborers and staff.  The following are which the office offers:

* Design for the client/s
– Home Choice Planners will design before the construction depending of what the client/s wants to.

* Construction services
– It accepts construction services such houses construction and offices or buildings construction. This would be in either way the clients would prefer to: (1) either the clients would prefer only the Home Choice Planners to do the labor and they will be the one to provide the materials; (2) or if the clients would prefer the office to provide the materials as well as do the construction services. This is also applicable to clients who would buy any lot from the CDO Realty Listings and would prefer the office to build the house for their convenience. Charges would vary, of course.

* Accepts and Delivers Orders Hallow blocks,  Sand & Gravel


Home Choice Planners is not just a construction firm, but also an icon to  most built houses here in Cagayan de Oro, mainly in Pueblo areas,and leads its client to the right, convenience and comfortable choice of living. As what its addage goes, “ We Design, We Build, And We Sale!”

Home Choice Planners Sample among the others projects to be!

For inquiries, please feel free to call at 088-851-8947


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