Liberty Land Corporation 3rd Quarter Awarding

IMAG1316 [800x600]“In every exerted effort, fell sweat from every agent who managed to served every client in need for a better shelter and ever convenient living, every AGENT, must be recognized on her/his benevolent service to every one. Thus, one of the developers in real estate world, once again extend its gratitude to give honor to those deserving agents and broker/s in this field of profession.”

The Liberty Land Corporation held its 3rd Awarding to all awardees agents and broker on November 06, 2010 at VIP Hotel. The program started at exactly 10:30 A.M. up to 2 P.M., and was participated by numbers of agents from different realty, as well as brokers. The celebration was held with the United Nation concept, which gave great color on the program with diverging costumes worn by everyone.

IMAG1276 [800x600]RPM realty agents were never left behind! We also participated on the said program and were even got the BEST IN COSTUME AWARD- KOREAN. For the run through of the program, here it was:

Awarding for the Top Agents, 1st presentation by Cenita’s Group, Awarding for the Top ASM/ BROKERS, 2nd presentation by the JCA Realty, Lunch, early bird winners announcements, games and announcement for Best in Costume. The program ended with happiness and smiles of each participant’s aura. That was a good motivation not only for those people who are already years in service of this field, but also for those apprentices.

From us in CDO realty, together with the RPM realty team, CONGRATULATIONS to all who deserve the best! Congratulations also to the Liberty Land Corporation management for the successful event, that all of the realty personality benefited!


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