Pueblo Night Café Launching! (An X’Mas Celebration by Pueblo)

The development of Pueblo is now on its vast cost. Every one is now enjoying its enhancements, especially on its housing or subdivisions. Now, as part of the management’s celebration of the up coming Christmas, the Pueblo office is now extending its opportunity to every tenants on its area to partake one of the prepared booths. This is for what they called, “Pueblo Night Café”.

On November 12, 2010, the Pueblo Night Café’ had conducted its launching with all of the participating tenants of the said event. The RPM realty is one of the participating tenants to display few of its house and lot construction done and on going projects and anything which are found for house use. This is a great time for every tenant to show their support of the Pueblo management’s ever awaited event. There was a prepared program, which all the participants and the enthusiasts enjoyed with. Mixed of colorful lights and the thundering music were presented and made the celebration successfully done.

This Pueblo Night Café is until on the month of December. Everybody is invited to join the event for this month long celebration. Visit this event every Fridays and Saturday evenings!


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