Camella Community’s Called Raffle Draw

Crown Communities Raffle DrawCamella is known of its being service and people oriented views of giving a great opportunity to every agent and broker in the world of brokerage. It is now having because of its huge and positive expectation from every participating individual in this field of profession; the said office is still extending its concern to all of us.

On November 16, 2010, the Camella Community office had held its raffle draw for those agents who manage to be still in the business and who are fortunate to have their names picked to receive the prepared prices at stake. Before the draw was done, Ms. Emmie, the manager first shared to everyone the messages which do still encourage every individual who are in this industry. She pointed out that, everyone is can be successful in due hard work, dedication, faith, resourcefulness, and of course, through prayers and believe of God.  She also made the meeting ambiance jolly with her gayness of Camella Raffle Drawheart, which made all of us in complete satisfaction of being in that moment.

She is years old in this brokerage industry, which made her more familiar and expert in the way of dealing every client , agents and broker to motivate and encourage in the way she thinks best. In relation to this event, she is very thankful and great full to all RPM people who are performing well this month of November.

That was a good moment to all of us in the office. To Camella Communities’ office staff and ma’am Emmie, thank you for the chance and for believing in our skills, talents and endurance on this field of profession!


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