MODEL UNIT LAUNCHING Primavera Residencies!

Primavera-LaunchingAs part of the uptown innovation, ItalPinas once again prove its enhanced ways of making their property that great and boosting quality unit. As their Primavera Condominium is going on, they revealed this model unit they have for this magnificent and towering building to be here in uptown area.

The said model unit was launched just last week, September 01, 2011, Friday at 9:30 in the morning. It was attended by the palpable personages in the city, together with the city government officials such as: Mayor Vicente Emano, and some of the staffs, Vice-President Binay, the ItalPinas big personages, and of course, the full blast of brokers and sales persons.

Primavera-Launching-1This unit had been honored with the word of God and with the solidified people in the area and is now ready for viewing. The model unit is encrusted with its furnishings and things in its interior and that well-prepared as the turn-over units to be to all of those enthusiasts. That will be followed by the developer, with its total beau and that in good quality with the eco-venture concept for everybody.

The launching was done accordingly and that in-line with the conceptualized plan by the management. We are thankful for being part of the said celebration and for the opportunity to let us partake with this huge project of Italpinas for every clientele we have today and in the future!


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