Ayala’s Alegria Hills – 360° view of the good life!

Ayala-Alegria-hills-1“We live with all the green nature surroundings and a very relaxing beau with this over-looking pick!” This is what I could utter every time we will be in Alegria Hills. Undeniably, this area is very enticing and that classy on its way. With its total amenities, ready facilities in all types of physical recreation and fitness, pools, to enjoy a lot, ever-treasured areas to avail, lovely and sloppy road, and the most is the 360 degrees hilltop location.

Just last week, Tuesday, September 06, 2011, we once again visited the Alegria Hills to check its inventory as well. And without any regrets of being there, because we really enjoyed the place with its ready areas for the occupants to be and for the ready amenities, especially the swimming pool and the basketball and the badminton/ tennis courts for the physical fitness. Also, we did enjoy the full view of the hilltop viewing the entire city of Cagayan de Oro with it’s widely spread oceans. That what a 360 degrees view could give us to enjoy with!

Ayala-Alegria-hillsWe took detailed pictures with all of its possible sights to enjoy with by all of you as well! And now, we are proud to inform you that there are still 20 slots available for all of you to avail! As you know, this area is good for your relaxation, vacation house/s, family time and a place of solemnity and tranquility. In here, you can feel the high pick of the city’s boons that are reachable.

Aside from those 20 left lots for sale, the Ayala Land development is planning to expand its territory in the hill top area. Its presentation viewed the vast area which will soon to be developed after the prepared areas for the high living cost area on its hill top lots.

This will surely be a quality and huge pride projects to be and we are all excited! What are you waiting for? Avail any of these available lots through us in CDOREALTY.COM team and have the service that we offer for you and your family!


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