Pueblo Fun Run for a Good Health!

Pueblo Fun Run“Moderate regular exercise should be considered as a viable means of treating depression and anxiety and improving mental well-being.”

It has been true that regular exercise is a good way to maintain good health than any medications. Statement above was uttered by The Department of Exercise and Health Services in the UK states, as additional proof of the good reasons why people or every individual must have to keep on mind the benefits of exercise like walking or running. Thus, it is good to put into practice or add to our schedule the time of taking care of every vein, tissue, joints, and angle in our body to keep fit totally.

Exercise is really needed for us also to keep us sound and vigorous physically in doing our duties and activities everyday. Therefore, if we are having enough exercise, we will be fit and fit enough to accomplish our job or work daily. And what are the other benefits we could get from exercise? There are a lot! The most of those is in curing some diseases in the body. Like that of walking and running, those help our body be away from any of the following diseases: Cardiovascular Disease. Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, Obesity, Depression and Osteoporosis.

Pueblo Fun Run RPM RealtyIn relation to real estate’s events with this article, Pueblo de Development had once again extend their empathy to all of realtors and sales persons to have time for this health activity and also for them to enjoy the well-maintained environment and amenities by the development. Just last Saturday, September 17, 2011, they held the FUN RUN, 2011; having the theme: Brokers & Agents Pueblo Fun Run Sales Rally. That was started from 7:30 a.m. up to 12 noon. The said event was participated by numbers of realtors with their sales persons, running all around the Pueblo Township up to Hillsborough, where the last stop or finish area was as well as the fellowship designated at.

Though this is just for fun and camaraderie along diverging realty, the Pueblo management also gave honor and cash prices to the deserving winners for the said activity. And it is our pride in RPM Realty to have the 1st Place through Arvin Don Bandojo and Cristie Kate’s performance!

Does this explain why exercise or this activity is good to our health and mental state? Yes it really is! As we in the realty are that having the boosted self-esteem that even until now, at our age and at our performance mentally and physically, we are still that FIT and still having FUN with any Fun Run the developer could give.

Until to the next Fun Run to be next month!


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