Ayala Land Property Briefing (October 21, 2011)

Being a newbie in our company, it is required for us to attend seminars to broaden our knowledge on matters regarding real estate and other things related with it. The Ayala Land Property Briefing is just one of the few seminars that we have attended.

Last 21st of October, together with our big bosses, we went at Grand Caprice Restaurant, the venue for the seminar that was hosted by the Ayala Land Inc. They started venturing a new project here in Cagayan de Oro City, thus they decided to conduct the seminar.

In the said seminar they clearly told us that the forum is not about recruiting brokers and agents. It’s for them to give us a brief overview of the different things that they are offering and the properties that they are developing in other cities.

Accordingly, Ayala Land Incorporation is the largest and most experienced developer. With unparallel track records and the developer of master-planned business. They practice the method of continuous redevelopment to enhance the different establishments that they have. The redevelopments that they are doing is also for the benefit of the people to enjoy more what Ayala Land Incorporation offers.

The seminar is also for us to take a peek on the on-going project that they are generating now in C.M. Recto, which was to answer the speculations that we were having regarding the construction. They proudly introduced to us the Centrio Mall and Kukun Hotel. In one of their slide shows, they featured the picture of what Centrio Mall and Kukun Hotel would look like when it is done. And we were amazed. The structure is awesome! They also introduced to us the Centrio Tower. I wouldn’t go into details regarding this matter because they wanted it to be a surprise to all the Kagay-anons. And so, we would leave you hanging.

We had fun listening with the speakers’ discussions and with the highlights it disclosed to all of us! See you on our next update for this huge project would be!

by: Ms. Shara Rivamonte


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