Office Fun Day!

fun-day“To be blessed and to be a blessing to other fellowmen is really an outstanding legacy to live-in!”

Everyday is a one step to ponder for all of us in the office. As every body knows, we in RPM realty and Homechoice Planners& Construction Corporation staffs, marketing officers and head office personnel, are in one thought to have a break from all of the clients, duties and paper works. This is to strengthen the camaraderie and solidarity in the group as well as to make the team be tightly gathered together in one path and direction.

We termed the break we had as our office fun day, just last Thursday, October 13, 2011 at RJ resort in Jasaan, Missamis Oriental. Of course, to make the day that meaningful, the church people were also being invited to bring us the peace in mind, through their holy words and the prayers, for all of us to follow the scripture’s instruction and to remind us all of our resources and boons received from above.

office-fun-dayIt is not only our fun day, but also a family day for those committed and married people in the office; especially those having off springs and those who are having their siblings along with them. The office also took this time to recognize those achievers marketing officers from 2nd quarter up to the 3rd quarter.

Though the big bosses weren’t able to come along with us, we would like to extend our gratitude to them for making that day palpable and successfully done with their other siblings along with their own families. It will always be our pleasure to work with you and to continue the legacy you have started. Thank you and may we be having a great and bountiful output to come!


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