Pueblo Amazing Race!

Pueblo-Fun-Run“Workmanship is like a stepping stone for a group or organization in building a huge performance in the business and secures the benefits on the field here into.”

Upon having this field of this real estate’s profession, our lives are really in two great things to consider to acquire, to have and to enjoy with deep appreciation in the bullies way, we can call it! Thus, even a midst with countless pressures and prompting things to happen in everyday in this field, we used to believe the magic of the this nature that it will be that okay and will still be inline with our vision, which is to be blessed and to be a blessing to every one in need in all means we can.

In response to this vision call we have, it seems that the developers are also in one thought with us. They even make sure that they, themselves could maintain the rapport that they are having among us, salespersons and to all the brokers serving their products to be sold. One way of doing this is through monthly activity they have, which started just last September- the FUN RUN.

Pueblo-SportfestJust last week, Saturday 22, 2011, they had once again held a fun run, with the idea of AMAZING RACE. The said event was participated by varying realty groups, brokers with their member sales persons and those others who are kinship of the said participants. Along with the amazing race, there were also prepared activities to make it more exciting, sweat-taking, breath-taking, memorable, gay and meaningful celebration. There were challenges along the way from the starting area at SM area Rotonda, up to each pit stops from Courtyards, to Golden Glow North to Calaanan,’s intersection roads going to Forest View Homes and the last one is to the finish line area at the Shop building unit in Forest view.

Was it really fun? No it is not fun, but rather, VERY REALLY FULL OF FUN! All of us were in one thought of enjoying the race while following the paces to every stop area we have and to every challenge prepared by Pueblo management. Being part of youngsters group is really advantage! That’s correct, and really true. Why? It’s because we brought pride once again to our group the framed certifications of being the 1st finisher and the ever defeated 1st group who worked in team, who made it even up to the last challenge!

Pueblo-Fun-Run-1After that, fellowship followed at Forest View Multi-purpose hall. We also on the lead of the total games prepared by the management, which are really exciting and full of fun and cash prices as well! We became more grateful to have 1st place again with the games and we even had our entire realty group lunch at Road house, where our seemed to be surprise and additional price—WOLF GANG picture taking with us! Was it worth it? It really is!

Words are not enough for me to put all of my excitement and gratefulness of the cheers and happiness to boost the team work we really have in the office. In behalf of RPM Realty and Homechoice Planners & Construction Corporation, I would like to thank all of the Pueblo personnel for making that event successfully done. We really feel the happiness and the sincerity of how you value us, as your marketing persons. And that event also tried and challenged every one of us in our own office to keep one with our office vision and mission, like you do!

So, see you on the 28th with the Halloween Fun Run that the Pueblo development is will be preparing for all of us again!


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