Cagayan De Oro’s Done Fly Over

Cagayan de Oro is now once again proving its boosting development to all of the Cagay-anons and to its neighboring cities in the island of Mindanao. As it is on its pick cue of successes with its structural and rural advancements presently, all of us in the city are amaze with the augmented improvements it shows to each of us. This shows and views to every Cagaya-anon that our local governance is seriously in thought of making our area developed in the way we want it and as planned.

With the current administration, among their plot forms is the road widening and fixing those roads in the city which make the transportation in slow motion. They even extend the projects to make those fly-overs in Puerto, CM. Recto areas and in the highway entering to uptown areas, which is also Macanhan, Zayas and Carmen intersections are at. The operations are now on its great development and that helpful in the way yet luxurious and pricy of course.

The Puerto fly-over was the one which started first and done first in line. It has been operational since months ago. Followed by the CM. Recto fly-over, this was just operating and open to public and all vehicles just last month. The last one is Macanhan intersection, which is soon to be open and be done accordingly. It is said to be open by the 15th this November. And thanks goodness, because it is now OPERATIONAL!

Having these road developments could really make our day’s faster in transportation and could even help us as well to be more on time and make our business transactions easier. As what most of the people clamored and murmur as well, when these fly- over were started months ago, it somewhat hinders our transaction to be successfully done and on time. Lots of destructive comments with these projects were being laid and heard, of course by our city governance. The big wave of this was the traffic jam in almost all areas in the city. It took us hours to be in the area of our destination, and vehicular accidents as well were being reported. But those negativities of these developments were just spices to make our city that bountifully viewed as Metro soon!

Vitally, those projects give us more advantages and edges to make our business better and to boost to its pick! Just like in Puerto and CM Recto areas, all vehicles there are in easy access to the opposite areas. Isn’t it that great? Yes it really is! For sure, it’s not only me who is excited and in great happiness to have these development done before the expected time being disseminated.

To all the Cagay-anons welcome back to the previous routes and for easier roads access! Thank you to the city governance and to all officials as well who did their best to make these projects done fully and to make our transportation smooth flowing! Let’s pray still for more improvements in our city!


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