PODC’s Bloodletting Program

bloodletting-programBlood is an important component of the human body. Based on a medical book, blood was considered as the “essence of life” because the uncontrolled loss of it can result in death. It performs many functions essential to life and can reveal much about our health. Blood is composed of different elements; and each of its elements performs vital function. Our blood plays pivotal roles in our system that is of importance to our well being, such as maintenance of our body temperature, protection against foreign substances, clot formation and in the transport of gases, nutrients and waste products.

We know what is the importance of blood and clearly, all of us do want a healthy life; free from sickness and other health problems. But these things are inevitable as we are exposed to an environment that we’re not sure if it is clean or not; and it’s one of the factors that cause harm to our health. The environment is not the only factor; at times, it is also inherited as it runs in the family. And all of these health problems usually connect with the role of blood.

Study shows that based on the World Health Organization’s statistics, there is a need for blood transfusion almost every second; and so, as a help to those who are in need of blood, health organizations in different countries is in one thought of rendering aid to them. The most known way that is practiced by so many is donating blood. Red Cross, for one, is a known health organization in conducting blood donation drives.

blood-drive-PODCIn line with this, Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation collaborated with the Philippine Red Cross CDO Chapter in conducting a blood drive. It was held last August 18, 2012 at PODC Commercial Building 3, Masterson Mile. The said blood drive started around 8 in the morning and ended at 12 noon. It’s overwhelming to see that a lot of blood donors responded to the event. Even the VP-GM Mr. Huey Tan and Senior VP Mr. Rodolfo Menes of Pueblo de Oro CDO were present as well; showing their humanitarian act in saving other people’s lives. The blood drive was also featured in Abs-Cbn Tv Patrol Northern Mindanao; it’s a way of promoting and letting other people know the importance of blood donation.

blood-drive-programIt was a successful event as they were able to collect a great amount of blood from the different donors. The blood collected will be of great help to those in need; help in alleviating their suffering. In behalf of Pueblo de Oro, we would also like to thank those kind people who have spared their time to share a blood. Let us be reminded of what the real essence of blood donation is; this act is an opportunity to selflessly save other people’s lives. So, let us continue with the endeavor of alleviating human suffering. Save Lives. Donate a Blood.


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