Garden Party at Westwoods Village

Westwoods Village is the newest project that Pueblo de Oro is developing right now. It’s another residential project of PODC with an eco-friendly concept. PODC wants to converge home and nature, and so they came up with this uniquely conceptualized project.

To further promote their project, PODC held an activity last November 10, 2012 with a theme of Garden Party. In the event, the Real Estate brokers and agents helped in the planting of the trees. The tree planting was just in sync with the subdivision’s concept, and that is caring for the nature. After the activity, a smorgasbord of breakfast was served to all the participants. Mr. Huey Tan, also gave a speech of appreciation; thanking all the brokers and agents present and acknowledged their participation in the activity as well.

It was a short activity but all had a great time. The participants really enjoyed in the tree planting activity; knowing that the trees planted will be of great help and use to the subdivision. It would also be beneficial to the soon to be residents of Westwoods Village as they will be enjoying the clean and green community. They will surely love the nature; breathe in clean air, have a stroll and run along roads with trees on the side and enjoy the view of green forest as their backdrop.

Pueblo de Oro once again came up with a project that is surely to be watched out for. With its great concept, it will definitely attract prospect buyers. We commend PODC for this yet another outstanding project. Westwoods Village is just the first of the many projects that Pueblo de Oro has in store for us. Expect more projects to come in the next year. Until then!


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