PODC goes Hollywood

Lights. Camera. Action! Let’s make way to the stars. Click. Click. Here come the celebrities from the different realty firms of this city. Spotted gracing the red carpet; the real estate brokers and salespersons that was formally and elegantly dressed. And oh wait! Did I just see Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise? Is it really them? Ooppss! It was just their look-alikes.

Pueblo de Oro is definitely in the limelight because of their overwhelming sales for the year 2012. And as their year ender event, they celebrated their 4th Quarter and Annual Sales Awards in Hollywood style. It was held at Mallberry Suites last January 17, 2013 and present were the brokers and salespersons from varied realty offices. Celebrity look-alike was their peg and so, the attendees went there flaunting their long gowns, cocktail dresses, suits and tuxedos.

It was a night full of exciting stuff; photo booth, raffle prizes, door prizes, giveaways and games. Let’s not forget the highlight of this event, awarding of the who’s who of the real estate society that was able to make it to the top; the recognition of the real estate A-listers who top-grossed in the marketing sales area. And the top-grosser were as follows: D&G, CLM and RCG realties.

The recipients of the awards are all deserving of the recognition that they have received. The plaques and certificates are the proof of the effort they have shown in marketing PODC’s products. They surely deserve a standing ovation. Clap. Clap. Clap. Congratulations to all the awardees. This 2013, may we all have a prosperous and productive year in the marketing field. Happy selling!


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